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You can now uninstall unnecessary applications from your computer system in an easy and quicker way. The Standard Add  or Remove Programs often times cannot completely uninstall some applications and broken registry keys, unlike your own pc Add-Remove Program , Perfect Uninstaller can't only uninstall the applications, but can also clean the registry files that are left over and will protect your pc from corrupted registry errors , improve your pc performance as well as increase its speed !  


Get Perfect Uninstaller If You Would like To:


Uninstall / Remove Programs In Your PC  

Clear registry entries and drivers that applications leave behind 

View detailed information of any application installed in your computer 

Remove Applications your own Add-Remove Program can't remove

Protect your registry from empty and corrupted errors

Easy to use and friendly user interface


Uninstall Applications

Perfect Uninstaller

Free Uninstall Scan

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We offer a variety of software programs for computer users worldwide.  The Software listed here are proven to  protect valuable computer data, to maintain one's privacy and to make computers fast and efficient. Our Registry Cleaner for instance, can Fix Registry Errors and make your computer run like new again. The internet has inherent risks due to infiltration by spyware, adware, spam and other malicious intrusions. You can protect your personal information, enjoy privacy, and prevent being a victim of identity theft and other dangers with the software listed here. Each  software has been duly tested and proven to be effective and reliable and come with great customer support. Your Satisfaction Is Assured!



Avail of a Free Scan  For Any Software Listed Below:

Fix Computer Registry


Registry Repair

Free Registry Scan

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery Pro

Data Recovery

Free Data Scan

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Spyware Remover


Spyware Remover

Free Spyware Scan

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Computer Privacy

Privacy Controls

Privacy Control

Free Privacy Scan

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Uninstall Applications

Perfect Uninstaller

Perfect Uninstaller

Free Uninstall Scan

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Update Windows Drivers


Driver Cure Driver Update

Free Drivers Scan

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Anti-Virus Protection

Anti-Virus Plus

Anti-Virus Protection

Free Anti Virus Scan

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Get Rid Of Spam

Spam Controls

Anti-Spam Filter

Free Spam Scan

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You can get more details about our Professional Registry Cleaner, Anti Spyware, Data Recovery, and Privacy Controls software by following the links above. Find out the benefits and features of each software and how they will help you to recover lost files or memorable pictures from your hard drive or email, how to protect yourself against spyware, how to clean your computer registry, to keep it working in peak performance, and finally how to protect your privacy when surfing the internet. We are confident that you will love these software products that will keep you safe and provide a trouble free computer experience.









This site provides software that will Clean Registry, protect you from Internet threats, such as Identity Theft, Stop Spam as well as Remove Spyware. You can Enjoy Privacy, Recover Lost Data and even have Driver Updates.  The products listed on this site are effective, easy to use and come with great customer support and value. We personally use the software listed here and are very pleased with them. We pride ourselves in bringing you the very best software, as your patronage and satisfaction means a lot to us. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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Uninstall Software -Helps Remove Programs

Basically, this is how it happens: your on your laptop or desktop computer, doing your work, handling emails, downloading whatever you want, then, after downloading a virus (that you thought was a movie, music or a clean program) all these pop ups, redirects and other weird spam-ish stuff starts happening. If you do unwittingly download a virus, unwanted software or program its time to find it and obliterate that sucker. There are a few general ways for removing or uninstalling various software programs. First, software programs like instant messenger usually have an uninstall program within itself. This makes everything easier because with one click your computer automatically uninstalls the software. Then it’s back to operating how it was before. In terms of "user friendliness", this is as close as it gets. The second way to remove unwanted software or viruses is through windows add/remove applet. These work on occasion, but after the program is removed bits and pieces are left in your computer registry, hard drive and other areas. In order to avoid using up space in the hard drive and creating registry hives, good advice should point you in the direction of a thorough cleaning that leaves your system clean, clear and ready to operate. A third, and unadvised, way to remove software is to manually try and locate the folder or files and delete them. If you try this, you will have to search for each component part of the program and each of it’s uninstall properties. Don’t do this unless you’re an expert because you could very easily delete important files. The last, and highly recommended way you can remove unwanted programs and software is to use a professional uninstall program or software.

So, what happens if you try using your regular Windows Add/Remove applet (or whatever basic software removal program comes with your computer) and it still doesn’t remove the virus, software or program? Everything was going fine. Now, everything is a mess.

Even if you don’t have a virus, you may have software like Norton, McAfee, AVG, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader and other programs that are hard to remove or uninstall. Hard to uninstall means the program can not be removed by the standard Windows Add/Remove applet. If this is your situation you are reading the right thing. So, what is the answer to uninstall software programs of all kinds? At first I didn’t know (or care) how to uninstall software programs because I was so anxious just to get back on track I would’ve used anything. After I calmed down, and googled a bunch or key words I thought would lead me in the right direction, I came across particular software with 6 out of 10 searches. That’s good. I downloaded the perfect uninstaller serial and software, plain and simple, and it worked. The pros use uninstall software because they know it is simple. They know it works for even the worse programs that have managed to sink their teeth deep into your operating system. Virtually all uninstall programs work the same but the easiest one is the perfect uninstaller because all you do is open the program, let it scan your system, and show all programs that have been installed. Next, simply click and remove whatever you don’t want. Voila!

So the next time this happens to you, don’t panic and try one of our previously mentioned programs.


Antivirus Software – Protection From Anti-Virus Computer Infiltration.


Anti Virus unlike other malicious programs such as spyware, worms, adware, rootkits, phishing and Trojan horses, viruses are computer programs that have the uncanny capability of propagating themselves to infect various system files and they can be transmitted via networks, the Internet, email, Instant Messaging, file sharing channels as well as removable media such as floppy disks, CDs, DVDs or USBs.  Some computer viral infections display symptoms that will eventually be noticed by most computer users.  However, the vast majority of computer viruses are surreptitious and cause havoc that goes undetected long enough for the damage to be irreversible.  Those are the reasons that antivirus software products are so crucially important.


Antivirus software programs were originally created to combat the computer viruses that began to spread in the 1980s.  Today’s more sophisticated antivirus software programs are more prolific and, therefore, able to identify and remove viruses along with all other harmful malware.  Upon finding any malware, the antivirus software programs will quarantine or encrypt the infected files to render them inaccessible or ineffective; they will attempt to repair the files by removing the malware but that cannot always be accomplished successfully; or they will delete the infected files entirely off the system.


The antivirus software programs are numerous and they all utilize one or more of the following three key methods for identifying malware:


·         The most frequently used is the signature based detection method.  This method breaks files down to little segments and compares contents of each of these segments against a dictionary of virus signatures which is, in essence, a listing of known virus codes.  This method is somewhat limited as it can run its comparison only against known viruses and therefore will be unable to detect any of the new ones.  Antivirus software that relies on the signature based detection method requires frequent updates to its virus signature dictionary and it is set up to examine all files when the computer’s operating system creates, opens, closes or emails them.


·         The malicious activity detection method monitors the behavior of all programs and in that way provides protection against new viruses.  Any suspicious behavior is reported to the computer used to decide how to proceed — to reject or to accept.


·         The heuristic-based detection method is utilized by the higher end and most advanced antivirus software and it is intended for identifying new and yet unknown viruses.  To accomplish its task the antivirus software that uses the heuristic-based detection method utilized one of two techniques:  a) File analysis – it analyzes files containing suspicious and virus-like instructions which can significantly slow the computer down; or b) File emulation – it runs programs in virtual environments, notes their actions and performances and then determines whether those programs are malicious or not.


Needless to say, the optimal antivirus software and the one which is most effective is that which utilizes a combination of several of the above mentioned methods. The Anti-Virus software I can recommend with full confidence is Anti-Virus Plus software by Paretologic.  You can get their Free Anti-Virus Scan here.

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Registry Cleaners-Article

It is quite common for a PC to Crash. There are tell tale signs prior to a PC crashing such as when your PC gets sluggish and takes forever to respond, which almost always means, Windows registry related problems and that you need to fix your computer registry to have it working efficiently again.

It is recommended that you do a regular scan of your computer registry to diagnose and repair your computer registry. This can be accomplished with reliable registry repair software. If regular registry maintenance is not carried out then your computer will get slower and can eventually crash.

Should you wish to have your computer run and perform at its best you need to ensure that it is free from registry errors, broken files and other problems. Doing all this manually can be difficult, time consuming and pose some risks, if you are not well versed with computers. It is recommended that a registry cleaner get the job done for you, as it lets you do a scan and finds and repairs any errors easily and effectively. Having the proper registry tool means that you are assured that your computer will perform at its best, without any of the usual problems, such as computer crashing, that can lead to hardship and frustration.

Reliable registry repair software will comb through every file, within your Windows registry, instantly reports on critical errors, that impair your PC's normal operation. Reliable registry cleaning software, does the job quickly, efficiently and safely, so that your computer runs like new again. Registry repair software will also let you backup registry data, so that none of the important files are lost in the process, prior to the repair of the registry. So go ahead and get a reliable Registry Repair Software Tool and the one we recommend is Regcure for its features, performance, ease of use and support.

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How to Retrieve Lost Data and Deleted Files?

By: Julian Pereira (Author-Owner of this site)

 There are several reasons as to why Data can be lost. The most common reasons are human errors, power outage, spyware, viruses, computer freezing and many others that can cause data loss. There are literally thousands of computer users that lose data and the loss of certain files can translate into financial, legal and other hardships, specially when important documents get deleted. There is recourse to lost data, thanks to data recovery software, lost data can be retrieved. Data recovery software helps retrieve lost files, images, data and other deleted material.

Data Recovery software has the ability to trace the deleted files and to restore them. However, every data recovery software has some differences even though they are designed to recover lost data. Care must be taken to ensure that the software being purchased has the ability to retrieve all lost files and be easy enough for anybody to use safely.

The features to look for in a Data Recovery Program are as follows: 1) Can find and retrieve deleted email as well as deleted email attachments 2) Revives files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives 3) Recovers all types and a wide variety of file types, including recycled, compressed or encrypted. 4) Must have the ability to retrieve missing files from many peripheral storage devices 5) Ability to save recovered files to a selected destination 6) Retrieve files from most Windows file system 7) Should have a small footprint that does not take up much space, yet powerful enough to scan quickly and recovery all of your lost or deleted files.

We suggest hat you use a quality Data Recovery software to get the job done the easy way. We recommend Data Recovery Pro to get the job done efficiently and quickly.

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Permission is granted by author Julian Pereira for this article to forward, reprint, distribute, use for ezines, newsletters, websites, offered as free bonus or part of a product for sale as long as no changes are made and the byline, copyright, and the resource box below is included.

About The Author: Julian Pereira enjoys topics related to computers and the internet and writing articles that may be of interest to computer users and internet surfers.

It can be quite upsetting when important files, photos, email and computer data gets deleted unintentionally. Fortunately there is data recovery software that will easily recover lost files. To learn how to maintain your computer and increase its speed and run like new again or to recover lost data please visit:


Beware Of File Sharing.

The Internet has opened up new frontiers with amazing possibilities for File Sharing.” We can share any interest imaginable and research any topic by choice. We are truly global in reach with high speed internet and a keyboard at our fingertips. We can share music, movies, games and even personal photographs. However, with this global reach and easy to explore medium, comes the many dangers of the internet. Many of these dangers lurk behind the scenes and without our knowledge or consent, we are observed by Spyware. Spyware infiltrate computer systems along with file sharing downloads. Personal information about us circulates the globe via the World Wide Web, and a web it truly is! This information finds its way to different entities or companies that are keen on knowing our surfing habits and the sites we visit. They also want to know about our file sharing interests. These observations by Spyware intrudes on our privacy and security. We can benefit greatly from "File Sharing" but must constantly be aware of the risks and safeguard ourselves from its many dangers. We must do all we can to protect our surfing habits from the prying eyes of internet snoops. We can have our password stolen, identity stolen, our personal information abused as well as the loss of privacy we hold so dear. We must find and remove “Spyware” to protect us from the many dangers of internet spying. One of the ways is to eliminate file sharing that enable spyware to piggyback with the "File Sharing Files" and take up residence in our computer. Spyware and adware infiltrate and infest computers in very subtle ways when we download our favourite music or movie files, while P2P file sharing and chatting online. Spyware takes advantage of these downloads and creeps into computer systems along with shared files, so that they go unnoticed. We suspect problems when the computer slows down, there are unsolicited advertisements, or browser hijacking. The best way to find such infestations is to use a spyware scanner that will detect them and enable their removal from the system. Firewall and Virus software do not offer protection against spyware, hence the importance of a software designed to scan and remove spyware. Get a Spyware Scanner that can detect all known spyware.

About spyware doctor with anti virus?

i just bough a spyware doctor with antivirus in it, is that good? or should i get a diff antivirus?

    Remove Anti Virusere are several Spyware and Anti Virus applications in the marketplace and each software has pros and cons and offer different levels of reliability in terms of effectively removing spyware and protection from virus. I personally would go with an application that has an immense database of such spyware and known virus so that it can detect and protect from such intrusions. I would like to recommend an anti-virus software that offers advanced scanning and which can completely remove deep rooted spyware, virus and other malware. You can get this effective anti virus software at the following site:


    I have had an immense interest in computer related security and very familiar with the many security software and their capabilities. I have used Paretologics Anti-Virus Plus software that offers a free scan and available at






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